On April 26, the Northern California Chapter of ARCS Foundation (ARCS NCC) sponsored the 2021 ARCS Scholar Symposium as a virtual, free event. The virtual format more than doubled the number of people who were introduced to ARCS NCC Scholars – “the Minds of the Future.” These brilliant young scientists inspire us and give us hope for a better world for all. The Poster Halls displayed research by 74 current scholars; the program featured presentations by Nobel Laureate Dr. Jennifer Doudna and six current scholars with live Q&A; the Roundtables focused on what this past year was like as a graduate student and what comes next. Symposium recordings are available on our YouTube channel,

Since 1970, the Northern California Chapter has funded more than 2,900 ARCS Scholar Awards totaling over $23.6M. For the academic year 2021-2022 the Chapter provided over $1M to ARCS Scholars at six universities in Northern California (San Francisco State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz).

“We need to support science as if our lives depend on it – because today they do.” -Kendra Kramlich, ARCS Northern California Member


ARCS Foundation’s goal has remained the same since its inception in 1958— keeping the nation competitive on a global level by investing in the best and brightest young scientists.  We are proud to see ARCS Scholars complete their degrees, go on to start companies, make life-changing discoveries, and train the next generation of scientists. - ARCS Foundation National President, Sherry Lundeen