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Businesses and corporations partner with ARCS® Foundation, Inc. Northern California Chapter (ARCS NCC) to invest in innovative, early-career research that shapes scientific industries and empowers skilled workers in an increasingly competitive global market. 

Your support makes an impact. You’re investing in scholars at the critical seed stage of their research, when “most science breakthroughs happen”, and empowering them with the flexibility to determine how to use their financial awards, “allowing them to pursue their ideas without being tied to specific projects.” 


“Why wouldn’t you want to get behind an organization that is trying to advance science? There are some hugely talented scientists (that ARCS NCC supports) who need just a little bit of financial help. If we can be a part of this, why not? You can make a difference here. These young people are making the world a better place. They are driven, motivated, and passionate about the research. Our organization is very proud to be an ARCS NCC sponsor.” - Agilent Technologies, CEO Mike McMullen


A corporate partnership with ARCS NCC

  • Activates your company’s brand among leading science philanthropists, industry, academic and civic partners in the greater Bay Area.
  • Unlocks opportunities for an ARCS scholar to get to know your company.
  • Leverages ARCS NCC’s university relations infrastructure and fundraising strength.
  • Supports university efforts to recruit top graduate students in STEM disciplines.
  • Advances the innovativeness and competitiveness of the greater Bay Area and that of the United States.

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