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ARCS Northern California Chapter

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ARCS® Foundation Northern California Chapter (NCC) is a dedicated group of  Bay Area women focused on securing America’s  leadership in science by granting awards to top scholars pursuing graduate studies in the sciences, technology, engineering, math and medical research at seven Northern California universities.

Every dollar contributed to an ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards Fund goes to students selected by their universities for their merit, their research and their potential. The impact is profound: ARCS Scholars appreciate our belief in them as much as the financial help we provide. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Chapter distributed  $1,150,000 to 84 scholars.

In our era of rapid technological, economic and environmental change, the need to support U.S. students studying in STEM fields has never been greater. More than 97% of current U.S. government funding for STEM research supports scientists at later stages of their careers, when research projects are on the verge of completion. ARCS Foundation invests at the seed stage, taking the risk and believing in the work of young scientists so that discoveries not yet made may come to fruition.

In the Numbers

$25.7 million

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ARCS Foundation NCC is one of 15 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide, operating independently. Founded on October 22, 1970, the Chapter attracted concerned community leaders who were responding to the challenge of the “space race” and embraced the mission of advancing science and technology in the United States.  Today ARCS carries on as an organization run entirely by women who recognize this country’s most critical competitiveness issue – the serious shortage of American scientists and engineers – and have voluntarily taken the initiative to try to solve it. Our challenge now is achieving breakthroughs in biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and clean energy to secure our country’s future.  ARCS members know that our mission of investing in innovation and research is important to our country’s economic success as well as our global technological leadership. Our answer remains the same: by supporting brilliant young scientists, we are investing directly in the future of America.