Scholar Award Sponsors

ARCS Foundation Northern California is honored to acknowledge these generous Scholar Award Sponsors for the academic year 2023-2024

We are very honored by the many individuals, companies, and foundations who support the Scholar Award Fund by establishing a named award with a minimum gift of $10,000.* Sponsoring a Scholar Award gives these donors the unique opportunity to engage with the scholar. Visit Establish a Named Scholar Award to learn more about funding a named Scholar Award.

Susan & Jim Acquistapace*
Agilent Technologies
Betty & Bruce Alberts*
Frederick & Kathryn Baron
Allison & Aneel Bhusri
Susie Boeing*
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
Chris Simpson Brent & Bruce Brent (in memory of Dorothy Lewis Simpson)
Elizabeth & Clark Callander
Charlie & Jamie Campbell
Marion Cope
Danaher Foundation
Devlin Family Endowment Fund
Joan Diehl McCauley Endowment Fund
Carol & Dixon Doll*
Georgiana Ducas Endowment Fund
Dana & Robert Emery
Paul B. & Anita M. Fay Memorial
Jane Fuller Gillespie Memorial (Cathy Crane Moley)
Barbara & John Glynn
Rhoda Goldman Memorial (John & Marcia Goldman Foundation)
Michele Goss
Katherine Hellman Black Endowment Fund
Carol Henwood
Leslie & George Hume*
Jason Family Foundation*
Edina Jennison
The Kimball Foundation
Lisa & Derek Kirkland
Jill H. Kramer
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard M. Kramer Endowment Fund
Lakeside Foundation
Robert Lansdon Trust
Marie & Barry Lipman
Eileen D. & Lisa C. Ludwig Endowment Fund
Jack Lund Endowment Fund
Dolores & Mike McMullen
Marcia & Max Messmer
Bailey & Chris Meyer* 
Clark & Carol Mitchel
Montgomery Street Foundation Endowment Fund
Nancy Mueller*
Nordstrom Stores Endowment Fund
Mary Ann Peoples
Ramsay Family Foundation
Merrill Randol
Julie & Tom Reis*
Venetta & John Rohal* 
Shelagh Rohlen
Ji Ing Soong Endowment Fund
Diana & Steve Strandberg
Libby Tyree Taylor & Barry Taylor
MJ Whitehouse, MD & Michael Heffernan
Vanessa & Thomas Whitfield 
Wildcat Cove Foundation
Barbara A. Wolfe

*a designated award can also be shared by pooling gifts from two donors.