Why I Love ARCS

Northern California Chapter

Why Our Members Love ARCS:

Linda Millard, Emerita Member
"How do I love ARCS? Let me count the ways: 1. To enable brilliant graduate students in STEM to realize their dreams gives me a thrill. 2. To learn from ARCS scholars, to visit their universities, to understand more about cutting edge science, enables me to be better informed. 3. To work with wonderful women at both the local and national level to grow the Foundation and help ensure the future for our scholars and their critical work has been rewarding, gratifying and FUN since I joined – as a baby -48 years ago."
"I love being part of ARCS. Part of this amazing group of women dedicated to science and working to ensure America remains a leader in science and technology today and in the future."
Gabby Kivitz
Gabby Kivitz, Member
“This is a group of smart, talented, interesting women - with a sense of purpose - who are serious about ensuring that our awards and impact are effective, relevant and forward-thinking. Our university partners and the scientists we support are focusing on big issues in the world that are on our minds. No doubt, ARCS is doing important work to support the future of STEM research, and discoveries that will move the world forward.”