Past Event Speakers

ARCS® Foundation Northern California Chapter has a deep interest in science and plans events for the education of our members and their guests. We welcome suggestions for and offers of science-related speakers. Please contact us at


Past Speakers at the Annual Scholar Awards Celebration have been:


2018 Dr. Jeremy Reiter, MD, PhD, Chair of Department of Biochemistry and Biostatistics, UCSF

2015 Dr. Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

2014 Dr. Michael Levitt,  Nobel Laureate, Chemistry

2014 Dr. Lucy Shapiro, 2014 National Medal of Science awardee, Stanford University

2012 Dr. Robert Corrigan, President, San Francisco State University

2012 Dr. Patricia Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Stanford University

2012 Dr. George Breslauer, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of California, Berkeley

2012 Dr. Linda Katehi, Chancellor, University of California, Davis

2012 Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of California, San Francisco

2012 Dr. George Blumenthal, Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz

2010 Paul S. Otellini, President and COO, Intel Corporation

2005 Dr. Arno Penzias, Nobel Laureate

1999 Ralph Cavanagh, Co-Director, Energy Program Natural Resources Defense Council

1998 Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood, University of California, Santa Cruz

1997 Dr. Roger von Oech

1996 Amory B. Lovins, Co-Founder, Rocky Mountain Institute

1995 Dr. Lloyd H. Smith, Jr., Chairman Department of Medicine, UCSF

1994 Dr. Leroy E. Hood, Molecular Biologist

1991 Mrs. Pete Wilson, First Lady of California

1990 Dr. Harold E. Varmus, 1989 Nobel Laureate, Medicine

1989 Ann Russell Miller, Founding President, ARCS NCC

1988 Dr. Millie Hughes-Fulford, Astronaut-Scientist, Spacelab Life Sciences, NASA

1987 Dr. Harry Wolf, Director, The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

1986 Dr. Paul Berg, 1980 Nobel Laureate, Chemistry

1985 Walter Cunningham, Former Astronaut

1984 Hanna Holborn Gray, President, University of Chicago

1983 Dr. Melvin Calvin, 1961 Nobel Laureate, Biology

1982 Dr. Arthur L. Schawlow, 1981 Nobel Laureate, Physics

1981 Dr. Luis W. Alvarez, 1968 Nobel Laureate, Physics

1980 Dr. James A. Van Allen, Astrophysicist

1979 Dr. Lee A DuBridge, President, Caltech

1978 Admiral Alan Shepard, Jr., Astronaut, First American in Space

1977 Dr. Burton Richter, 1976 Nobel Laureate, Physics

1976 Dr. Simon Ramo, Vice Chairman of the Board, TRW

1975 Dr. Edward Teller, Professor, University of California

1974 Dr. Dale L. Compton, Technical Assistant to the Director, Ames Research Ctr

1973 Nobel Laureates' Panel


Scholar Speakers at Major Events


Scholar Awards Celebration

Lauren Lahey, Department of Biophysics, Stanford University

Kimberley Bitterwolf, Department of Ocean Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz/p>


Margot Buchbinder, Dept. of Biology, San Francisco State University

Stephen Martin, Dept. of Physics, UC Santa Cruz

Charlotte Nelson, Dept. of Biological Medical Informatics, UCSF

Molly Nicholas, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Shabnam Semnani, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Michelle Stitzer, Dept. of Biology, UC Davis



Scholar Awards Celebration

Kimberley Bitterwolf, Dept. of Ocean Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Lauren Lahey, Dept. of Biophysics, Stanford University


Alma Ceja, Dept. of Biology, San Francisco State University
Helen Chmura, Dept. of Animal Behavior, UC Davis
Christopher Davis, Dept. of Physics, Stanford University
Mark Levin, Dept. of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Charles Seller, Dept. of Genetics, UCSF
Aylin Woodward, Science Communication Program, UC Santa Cruz



Scholar Awards Celebration

Willie Mae Reese, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley


Jennifer Burt, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz
Samantha Dixon, Dept. of Physics, UC Berkeley
Adam Elkhaled, Dept. of Bioengineering, UCSF
Allison Injaian, Dept. of Neuroscience, UC Davis
Steven Kubiski, Dept. of Integrated Pathobiology, UC Davis
Daniel Swain, Dept. of Earth System Sciences, Stanford University


Scholar Awards Luncheon

Elizabeth Devitt, Science Communication Program, UC Santa Cruz
Brad Hobson, Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology, UC Davis
Kathleen Sokolowsky, Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University


Sarah Barrett, Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University
Andrew Brandon, Dept. of Plant & Microbiology, UC Berkeley
Claudia Corona, Dept. of Geosciences, San Francisco State University
Myka Estes, Dept. of Neuroscience, UC Davis
Cade Fox, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmacogenomics, UCSF
Allison Hoch, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis
Kimberly Lau, Dept. of Geological & Environmental Science, Stanford University
Caroline Morley, Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz



Scholar Awards Luncheon

Jimmy Dooley, Dept. of Neuroscience, UC Davis
May Tran, Dept. of Neuroscience, UCSF



Scholar Awards Luncheon 

Ryan Hadt, Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University



Student Speakers

Cathleen L. May, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Marcos J. Montes, Department of Physics, Stanford University



Student Speakers

Staci A. Eldlund, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Todd K. Whitehurst, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University



Scholar Awards Luncheon

Laura Magde, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, UC Berkeley
Crispin Pierce, Dept. of Pharmacy, UCSF