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Scholar Spotlight: Sarah Heater

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sarah Heater is a third-year PhD candidate in the Sil Lab at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Her research focuses on identifying molecular mechanisms by which Coccidioides and Histoplasma (causative agents of Valley Fever and histoplasmosis) sense temperature, a crucial element of their pathogenesis. She is also interested in understanding the human immune response to Coccidioides. She loves being a graduate student at UCSF – surrounded by a community of other bright scientists, “talking science”, and collaborating. 

Outside the lab, Sarah does a variety of science outreach, volunteering with groups including the UCSF Science and Health Education Partnership and the Magnuson Children’s Garden Environmental Education Nonprofit. She expressed her gratitude for our support, which allows her to focus on her research: “Thank you for your support of me and other UCSF graduate students in STEM research. I am truly grateful for your generosity.”

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