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Science Activities Update - Dr. Robert Kirshner

Posted on Monday, April 12, 2021

SCIENCE ACTIVITIES UPDATE. Our latest Science Activities event on March 11 featured Dr. Robert Kirshner, currently Chief Program Officer for Science at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Dr. Kirshner spoke about his transition from being a research astronomer at Harvard, studying supernovae and the accelerating expansion of the universe, to being responsible for leading a team that distributes over $100 million to enable fundamental scientific discoveries. He provided history and shed light on the discovery that the universe is not only expanding, but expansion is accelerating over time. He described Gordon Moore’s research use of CCDs (chips commonly found in digital cameras), to help discover distant supernovae. Additionally, he discussed the ongoing research of dark matter and dark energy, which astronomers are confident exists, but are unable to detect or measure - yet.

Dr. Kirshner’s closing remarks illustrated the parallels of this mission at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation with the mission of ARCS Foundation. Following the presentation, attendees were able to engage in a Q&A, moderated by Dr. Alex Filippenko.

Special thanks go to Linda Millard for engaging this wonderful speaker and to Deborah Mann for arranging the optional dinner and specialty cocktail.

Check out the recording:

Robert Kirshner