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Science Activities Update: TomKat Ranch

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2023

Twenty-five ARCS NCC members attended a field trip to TomKat Ranch & Educational Foundation in Pescadero, an initiative supported by Tom Steyer and wife Kat Taylor’s Foundation to study, develop and amplify the practice of Regenerative Ranching and Agriculture. Members learned, walked the property, and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared with all local ingredients including grass-fed beef from the ranch. 

As our planet faces a climate crisis, food shortage risk, and an abundance of unhealthy chemicals in our food and water (partly the result of farming practices which deplete soil and require use of chemicals to grow food) — Regenerative Ranching and Agriculture offers the ability to capture carbon, provide resilience against climate disasters such as floods, and produce an abundance of healthy food grown and raised without the chemicals and fertilizers required by industrial farming.

TomKat collaborates with scientists to study soil health and collect data, and undertakes initiatives to amplify practice and consumption – e.g., helping establish certification standards for regeneratively produced food; possibility for financial incentives to farmers and ranchers to change their practices; programs for farmers & ranchers as well as large food buyers to learn.

You can learn more about TomKat Ranch & Educational Foundation here.